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What the Sports Handicapping Industry Doesn’t Want Bettors to Know

Sports handicapping industry is a predominantly unregulated industry that gained a reputation for its involvement in dubious business practices based on deception and fraud.

The majority of sports handicapping services on the internet at present have a lot of getting quick money schemes for desperate and amateur bettors looking to earn a return on their investment.

Many bettors that are manipulated and exploited by a salesman who is under pressure to lure more money from the prospect. This can lead to fraudulent and illegal practices in the world of sports betting.

The image and impression of the sports handicapping industry are mostly based on the above unfair practices.

Handicapping services are quite visible on the internet daily. Most of the services that they offer are ways to lure desperate bettors into various schemes to fill their pockets.

Here are some of the reasons why the sports handicapping industry does not want sports bettors to know:

Unprofessional Sports Handicappers

The majority of sports handicappers have alternate career paths and use this profession to make extra money by selling sports picks to various bettors.

Most of the sports bettors are unaware of this situation and select sports handicappers, who are not related to this profession.

Less earning in Sports Handicapping Services

On an annual basis, 99% percent of sports handicappers make less than six figures. In reality, there are quite a few individuals who make more than $100,000 through handicapping services.

For an outsider, it seems that the handicappers are making a lot of money, but in reality, they are struggling to make ends meet and have full-time careers unrelated to the sports handicapping industry.

Lack of Privacy and Confidentiality

Sports handicapping services to share the client’s personal information and details with another handicapper in the industry to generate more money.

Maintaining confidentiality is not practiced in the sports handicapping industry. Once sports handicappers make a lot of money from the list of his clients, he then shares his customer list with another handicapper to generate more money.

The exchange of customer list is a never-ending cycle that ultimately comprises and harms sports bettors’ personal information.



It is imperative that a sports bettor must do extensive research before going for sports handicapper services. Lack of knowledge or information can lead to disastrous consequences for bettors or punters who aim to make big money in this business.

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