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What are the processes for predicting accurate football tips?

Billions of dollars involved in the sports betting industry are related to football. Millions of fans all over the world would like to turn their passion and enjoyment when watching games into a great way to make money. 

When starting with football betting, everyone would like to be sure that bets he has chosen can finish with a likely outcome and provide a decent amount of profit.

However, not every bettor will be able to ensure profit somehow. If that were possible, bookmakers wouldn’t even exist.

The main aim of this article is to provide you some interesting and useful advice about how to be within those who are smart bettors, who are careful with their money, and who have found ways how to beat bookmakers quite a few times.

Whether you are a starter or experienced bettor,  make sure that you have made the right decisions about matches and teams you bet on for you to secure your consistent wins.


For a serious, experienced bettor, it is always easier to choose value bets than for a starter.

But this doesn’t mean that if you are a starter, you have to give up and let professionals play their game.

All of them were a starter once, remember that. There are a few actions involved in the process of predicting accurate betting tips that professionals are familiar with. They are mentioned in the text below.

First of all, to be able to become a serious gambler who manages to minimize chances for loss almost ever a time when betting, you need to specialize.

Because football is so popular and draws the attention of millions, bookmakers are very focused on this sport, and it is complicated to beat them when it comes to football betting.

This means, choosing a league or tournament (potentially unattractive ones) that you could be some expert who can beat bookmakers regularly is so important.

After specialization, if you want to predict accurate betting tips, you need to very knowledgable.


Being just a football fan is not enough.

When we say knowledgable, we mean to seek for information about everything related to the object of your specialization. Collect historical data and update yourself with new information.

There are football dana available online, so you can use some of them if you have no time to create your database. After collecting the data, you need to do some analysis.

This requires statistical and mathematics skills. That doesn’t mean that you need to be some genius because you can always find some formulas and explanations about counting chances and odds.

When doing statistic analysis, you need to be able to identify relations between the information you have collected and how that information can influence the likelihood outcome.

So, pay attention o the most significant variables, which would be matches won at home, matches won away, the average number of goals scored per game, the average number of against goals per round, and more. They could all have a crucial influence on the outcome.


You can find plenty of team statistics online.

Mutual relations with other teams are very often the object of football analysis, so don’t forget to look at some details available online about the team’s success in previous matches when playing against their opponents. Never underestimate the profitability of bets related to yellow and red cards, the number of goals, goalscorer, halftime, etc.

Besides predicting accurate tips, you must be more than familiar with the football betting terminology, including full time/half time, Asian handicap, European handicap, under/over bets, amongst others.

After all, you must look at the odds offered by multiple online bookmakers and make sure you choose the bookmaker with the best offer.

So the conclusion is that the process of predicting accurate football tips involves tournaments or leagues specialization, collecting information and making sure you are updated, doing statistic analysis, and using statistics available online.

To have higher chances for winning, choose valuable and profitable bets that you understand and bookmakers with the best offer after a comparison.

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