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Top 10 English Premier Leagues

The top 10 EPL Seasons

Twenty-seven years ago, we witnessed the beginning of what would go down to one of the best competitions in association football – the English Premier League. Since then, we’ve had almost three decades worth of top-quality football, and English soil has seen some of the most skilled players in the world.

Since its inception, the league has been an absolute pleasure to watch. While every single season was entertaining in its own right, some seem to stand out more than others. Today, let’s look at the 10 best Premier League Seasons.


Top 10 English Premier League Seasons

The English Premier League will very soon be turning thirty years old. The competition has come a long way since then, but one consistent thing is the quality of football. The Premier League has never failed to deliver on some of the best football we’ve ever seen, and having said that, let’s take a look at some of the league’s best campaigns so far.



To kick off the list, we have the 2016/17 season, where Chelsea, after a horrid 2015/16 season, could return to their former glory. During Antonio Conte’s debut season, Chelsea could accumulate 93 points,  a good 7 points ahead of runners-up Tottenham, and 15 points ahead of Manchester City, who were third. The reason this season makes a list is because of the recovery the Blues made; at one point, they were in 8th place, and it appeared they wouldn’t even make the top 4, but against all the odds, they won the entire league.



There’s a reason why Manchester United is widely regarded to be one of the best teams to ever play on English soil. The 2002/03 season marked their eighth win in eleven seasons, during which they remained unbeaten for a whopping 18 games.



We saw yet another victory for Manchester United in the 1995/96 season. The Red Devils had made some significant changes to their line up, and the club featured a handful of young men, prompting Alan Hansen to utter those infamous words – “You’ll never win anything with kids.” Manchester United ended up winning the league by 12 points.



This was the season we saw the Blackburn Rovers make history. Amid a wild and controversial campaign of violence on the field, addiction, a doping scandal, and corruption, Rovers won their first major trophy in sixty-seven years, just beating Manchester United by only one point.



During this season, we witnessed some of the best football ever, during which, Manchester City – the title winners, broke several records. By the end of the season, they amassed a total of 100 points, the highest any team has ever collected. They also broke the record for the most away wins. Most goals scored and most significant goal difference, among others. It was the season that marked their place as one of the best football clubs out there, and it was one that won’t be forgotten soon.



There wound naturally had to have been a mention of the season that started it all – the 1992/93 season. But this campaign didn’t make it on to the list merely because it was the inaugural season, but because it saw Manchester United win the title after a full 26 years, thus beginning their reign of supremacy.



This season was a memorable one for the Red Devils. After a title-less previous season, Manchester United managed a treble victory and became the first English club to do so. Arsenal has been doing well too, and by the end of the season, it was anyone’s game. But Ferguson’s side came out on top when the Gunners slipped up against Leeds in their second last match of the season.



What’s a list of the best Premier League seasons without a mention of the 2002/03 season? This one stands out because it was the year of the Invincibles – Arsenal. The Gunners went down in history after making it through the entire season without losing an entire game.  Out of a total of 38 matches, they won 26 and drew 12, and became the second team to ever finish a league without losing any points in English football.



This season is on the list solely due to the outcome that no one saw coming – Leicester City won the league. After having just narrowly avoiding relegation the previous season, Leicester quashed all expectations by winning the entire league. They had an unbeaten run of eleven and lost only three the whole season and cruised right to the top while other top-flight teams struggled to find their footing.



Widely regarded as one of the best campaigns of all time, the 2011/12 season deserves the top spot. We witnessed one of the most unpredictable title races ever, one that has pundits all over the world at loggerheads about who would win the title. This season saw Manchester City win the title for the first time, winning against Queens Park Rangers after scoring two goals in injury time in a dramatic face-off, edging past Manchester United to snatch the cup.

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