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My honest review about the sports handicapping services

My honest review about the sports handicapping services

Review about handicapping services

A few people blur claims to be a “proficient”  sport handicappers in light of how terrible they are. Obscuring the truth is never a conventional procedure, but a common practice.

Obscure sports handicappers are otherwise called “Scamdicappers.”

Scamdicappers that publicize their hits with over 65% is most likely a trick (and even 65% is a fantastic record against the spread)

Some of them even begin their checking administrations, while others compensate the present obscurity with “observing administrations” to enable them to present their plays after recreations have just been played. Either that or they pick the plays they need to submit.

These scamdicappers often don’t get a lot of recognition even from the present games wagering network.

But you will notice a string of discussion daily by these scammers; posting every day so the truth is hidden.


How do you recognize these scamdicappers?

If any of them tells/solicits you any from these things, it’s probably best to steer clear, and runaway:

  • They have “inside information” on a diversion that will influence the result
  • They consider any amusement a “Lock” (otherwise known as – Play of the day/week/month/year)
  • Asking you the amount you wager per amusement
  • Telling you to “Western Union” them cash

One scummy trap they use is to give out the two sides of an amusement (ordinarily for nothing to new players)


Model: Buffalo – 3 at Cleveland

Tout will have half of his new players wager Buffalo, and the other half he advises to take Cleveland.

When the amusement is over he is in an extraordinary position – Half his players are 1-0 with him and need more plays. The other half are 0-1 and need another play to pursue their cash back.


Do this a couple of more occasions, and the con artist has:

  • Folks who won (4-0, 3-1) who think he is God
  • People who lost (0-4, 1-3) who are in the wrong way
  • Folks in the center (2-2) who don’t make a difference that much any longer

The con artist preys on the failures. Letting them know the “terrible run” was a fluke, that it never occurred, and so forth, and so on

At that point they will attempt to motivate the failures to wager significantly bigger on the following diversion which they guarantee they have “Inside Info” on and “can’t in any way, shape or form lose”

If the player does this and wins, he thanks the tout for “safeguarding him out,” may pay him a player in his success as a commission (notwithstanding what he paid him for the play).


More often than not, the player will continue purchasing his picks.

If the player plays the bailout amusement for enormous and loses, the tout couldn’t care less. He’ll either, get back to the person a week or 2 later with an alternate name.

Have another person in the workplace call the person to offer him increasingly crappy picks. Or extend the telephone number to another engine compartment.

Something else these slime balls do is instruct you to send them “what you believe is reasonable” for a “commission” when you win. Any savvy sports bettor knows not to give away cash from wins.

Sports Illustrated completed an astonishing article about scam handicappers who pretend to be dealing in sport handicapping services and sports touts in 1996.

However, I can’t discover the connection. I would love for somebody to comment here if you know anything about these.

The most elite handicappers hit between 57%-63% long haul with 63% being on the extremely top of the line.

There are folks on discussions like SBRforum and with win rates superior to any of the purported “experts” out there.

What the Sports Handicapping Industry Doesn’t Want Bettors to Know

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